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Why Are You Arguing Against Gay Marriage?

Because It Will Destroy The Traditional Meaning of Marriage:I think you will find that actual 'traditional marriage' was a woman's father signing over ownership of her to the husband that he has picked out. Thank god we have moved on from such outdated 'traditions', right?
The Bible Says It's Wrong:The bible doesn't actually say anything about gay marriage. It does however say that you shall not wear clothing of mixed fabrics (Deuteronomy 22:11), guess we're all going straight to hell!
Because Being Gay Is Unnatural:Homosexuality is found in over 450 species. Homophobia is only found in one- i think it is clear which is more unnatural.
Because Gay Men Are Sexual Predators:Male rape is most commonly committed by heterosexual men (McMullen 1990). Better keep your back against that wall for the rest of your life!
Because Gay Sex Is Disgusting:If you have ever jerked off to a little bit of girl on girl action or if you have ever had heteronormative anal sex then your argument is immediately invalid.
Because Gay People Are Icky:Well.. At least youre honest but i personally find homophobics icky and you're still allowed to get married.
Because Innocent Children Might Re-enact Gay Marriage Scenes At School And It Will Turn Our Kids Gay:You're really more comfortable with children acting out gun fights than acting out a display of love? Pretending to be gun-touting criminals doesn't turn children into gun-touting criminals. Pretending to be a pony doesn't turn children into ponies. Heck, how many LGBT people re-enacted heteronormative marriages when they were kids? You should really look up the definition of 'pretend'.
Because I'm a Dick:Glad you admit it.




The child actors in Harry Potter would do their actual schoolwork in the movie to make the school setting more real


Definitely math

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Anonymous asked: Did you just say Nash Grier gets hate for no reason



yes??? of course
i feel so sorry for him, and so should you
look at how you make people feel (including me)…. stop being so mean for everybody

Oh jesus fucking christ, bite me.


holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit

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i want people to know i’m struggling but i don’t want people to know i’m struggling do you see my problem

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this is my favorite fr

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You can’t fix yourself by breaking someone else
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